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September 9, 2007

In The Classroom

Filed under: In The Classroom — Randy Olsen @ 9:46 pm

This is the place to share the things we tried in the classroom. The more we ALL use this section of the blog, the more anecdotal evidence of our efforts we will collect. If everyone would make a sincere effort to write weekly what they did, we would have this amazing collection of qualitative data. It will take some effort, but I want to encourage you all to be diligent in visiting this section as often as possible.

July 23, 2007

No Agony

Filed under: Struggles — Randy Olsen @ 10:18 pm

As Barbara stated, there will and should be struggle . . . but no agony.

Story Time

Filed under: Anecdotes — Randy Olsen @ 10:16 pm

We all love a good story. Humans are a story telling race. Your individual Exact Word stories will contribute to the larger story that we are all now a part of.


Filed under: Aha! moments — Randy Olsen @ 10:13 pm

This is for those magical moments in thought or deed. It is important to share them for one “aha” leads to others.

July 20, 2007

The Journey Begins

Filed under: The Journey — Randy Olsen @ 7:34 am

When we enrolled in this workshop we expected to “get something” that we could take back to our classrooms that we could use with our students and that would make us better teachers. We “got” way more.

I firmly believe that there are no accidents in this life. I am supposed to do something with this program. Our introduction to the paradigm, system, logic, and tools of the Exact Word starts us on a unique and important journey. To the extent that we chronicle our attempts to implement this program we can have a profound impact on Language Arts instruction in our classrooms, our schools, our districts, our states, our nation and our world. It will be an exciting story to watch unfold.

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